Getting to the Heart of the Matter:

First in a Series of Stories About Local EMS Providers

What was supposed to be a quiet night at his mom’s home in Middlefield, Ohio, almost turned out to be Doug Esenwine’s final night. The 43-year-old was having a conversation with his mother when he began to feel uncomfortable and excused himself to another room. His breathing became erratic, and he felt swift, harsh chest pains. The next minute he was on the floor struggling to take a breath and everything went dark and silent.

“It came on so quickly, I didn’t know what happen – I was helpless,” Doug says.

Doug’s mother, Marilyn Esenwine, found Doug and immediately called 9-1-1.

“She made me very comfortable and was extremely supportive. Unfortunately, when the 9-1-1 personnel asked my mother if she could properly perform CPR on me, her reply was no.”

The first responder to arrive at the home was a Middlefield police officer, who discovered Doug did not have a pulse and began to give him CPR. The Middlefield EMS were right behind on the scene within seconds. They continued with CPR and needed to administer several electric shocks to his heart via a defibrillator until a heartbeat was finally heard.

“All of the police and EMS personnel were great. They rushed in and did want they needed to do. I was so grateful to see them,” says Doug.

Doug was transported to University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center, where it was discovered he had two blockages – and one was in the left anterior descending artery, which is known as the widow maker.

Now Doug is feeling stronger and better than ever, but he still remembers that day when he almost did not make it. He says he fully understands that life is a precious gift and that he is a very lucky man. “I was given back my life that night by the EMS and police – what heroes!”

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